Spectracom Inc., pennsauken, nj

Harrison, New Jersey 1 comment

This company is one of the dealers for Guardian Protection services in the NJ area.They are expert in harassing and charging customers for service issues.

I guess that's how they make money. It all starts with their sales person. They are very pushy. They will talk all good things and paint a rosy picture of how great their service is.

Then they will trick you to sign the contract and do a shabby installation of the protection services. Once you have signed the contract they will never respond to any services calls. They will wait till the warranty period (90 days) is over and then ask you to pay them hourly to fix any issues with the service.

If you don't agree they will not send any help and you are stuck without services.Finally, they will have their lawyer start legal harassments and lawsuit if you don't pay even though they are not providing any service to you.

Review about: Home Protection Services.



Dear Anonymous,

I would encourage the anonymous customer who wrote this review to contact me so I can personally attempt to resolve this matter for you as long as it’s true and accurate as stated.

The fact that you will not Identify yourself leads me to believe that there might be a little more to the story that you are not telling,

Call me so we can discuss you concerns or just Identify yourself so I can look into your service history and respond appropriately.

I say this respectfully because I do not do business this way.

Thank you and I look forward to your call so we can resolve your concerns,

Arik Levithan


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